Enter and Succeed in India with Our Full Spectrum Solutions

India is one of the world’s largest high potential markets for retail electronic brands. From smart phones to smart televisions, smart offices to smart homes, technology penetration in the country is taking quantum leaps, year on year. As global brands clamour to take their share under the Indian Sun, one reality always remains overlooked. India is also one of the toughest markets to establish and thrive. Navigating through the functional, legal, procedural and, market intricacies demand business insights, in-depth know how, wide reach, financial acumen and, above all, strategic prowess.

Our comprehensive, single-window solutions seamlessly meet those challenges. Since 2014, QThree Ventures has been pioneering a holistic approach in organized electronic distribution and retail. We act as Consultant, Brand Emissary and Merchant Wholesale Distributor to discerning global brands
entering India, offering a full spectrum of solutions designed to deliver market success. QThree Ventures today is India’s largest player in its niche, offering excellence in omni-channel fulfilment, distribution and market growth. We exist to create transformative outcomes to our brand partners.

Belief, Vision and Mission

Our Mission

At QThree Ventures, we help electronic brands achieve transformative outcomes in India by leveraging on in-depth know-how, commitment to succeed, and innate strength of our team

Our Belief

We believe in creating Transformative Outcomes – to our brand partners, channel partners, stakeholders, employees, vendors, communities we operate in and, most importantly, to the customers of the brands we represent. Whether it be success, reputation, profits or improvement in quality of life, the transformative outcomes we aspire to achieve stem from our innovations in our approach, constant infusion of better technology at the workplace, adapting to change faster, sheer
hard work and a culture of honesty and integrity.

Our Vision

At QThree Ventures, we aspire to be the partner of choice and revered change maker for discerning electronic brands entering India.

Quality in Three Pillars

Our passion for Quality stems from the pillars of KNOW-HOW, COMMITMENT and PEOPLE. These pillars guide us in all that we do and help us achieve our vision of becoming a revered change maker for discerning electronic brands in India.

Know How

Our work culture is all about expanding our knowledge base to deal with the challenges today and constantly upgrade our knowledge to stay abreast of change ushered in by tomorrow.


At QThree Ventures we are dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.


People are at the core of all that we do at QThree Ventures. We treasure our team as our greatest asset, continuously invest in upgrading their skillsets and constantly ensure to create a conducive work environment that enhances work-life balance, productivity and overall well-being.

Q3 Ventures Journey

The business landscape is changing quickly in India and opportunities are everywhere if you have the right partners. Q3 Ventures is an organization that has challenged convention and has changed the way distribution and retail of electronics is done in India based on our 3 pillars.



The company was incorporated with a strong vision


Q3 was incorporated under the dynamic leaderships


Q3 Ventures & TCL launched Air Conditioners in India


PiQsel - Organised Electronic Retail


Partnered with various consumer electronic brands to the likes of LG, Samsung,Videocon, HTC, Apple, Sharp and more

2017 – 2018

Q3 Ventures became the Strategic Import Partner of TCL in India expanding its reach.


Q3 became theGlobal Strategic Partner for Treeview, Thailand’s largest manufacturer of televisions into India, Middle East and African countries.

Company Overview

Sales Juggernaut

  • Reaching 2950+ stores across India
  • Over 9323 Pin codes covered in India
  • Plethora of marketing campaigns done
  • Administrative offices: regional wise mark in India and world map
  • Warehouses pan India: regional wise mark in India map
  • Leading Logistics Solutions in India


The company is headed by dynamic thought leaders with extensive experience in the retail and distribution space in India. Their expertise in channel management, insights and knowledge of diverse markets, power QThree Ventures into greater new horizons

Mr.Jubin Peter

Founder & Director

A Professional software engineer and management professional with more than a decade of experience working alongside global such as SONY, LG, SAMSUNG &TCL. Jubin has created a professional ecosystem for brands such as LG, HTC, Philips, Godrej and TCL for their distribution channel. Understanding the diversity of a country like India is his key strength and is today a trusted bridge for companies like TCL in India


Co-Founder & Director

A thorough expert in the consumer durable industry, he has worked with MNCs such as LG, SONY, and SAMSUNG & USHA INTERNATIONAL. Channel management and e-commerce are his forte. This know how has made him instrumental in developing a lot of key accounts in across India.

Davis Jacob


Anoop Padmanabhan


Sabu K O